into the NEST

2 People. 1 Home. Lots of Renovating.


… is exactly what I thought when I saw this post on Ana White’s website. She is a super talented mom with a knack for handmade furniture. Her site features projects with detailed step-by-step picture instructions, measurements, and shopping lists. 

I discovered that building your own furniture by hand is simple, economical, and with the right plan, doable by just about anyone. - Ana

I hope Ryan and I fit into the “just about anyone” category, because this washer/dryer pedestal bench is awesome. Our washer and dryer set will be in the garage, and Ryan aptly pointed out that storing all of our dirty clothes there may get a little gross. I’m sure if we end up mustering the energy for this project then something nice will find it’s home in the baskets. 

(By the way… the title, HappyThankYouMorePlease… Have you seen it yet? So good, and it’s directed by Josh Radnor, who you may recognize as Ted Mosby from the CBS show How I Met Your Mother.)

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